Reason Why Taya Valkyrie Was Pulled From Bound for Glory

Reason Why Taya Valkyrie Was Pulled From Bound for Glory

As we noted earlier today, Impact Wrestling announced the planned Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary match at Bound for Glory has been canceled, as Valkyrie has been pulled from both the PPV and the subsequent Impact TV tapings in Ottawa.

According to, Taya being pulled from the PPV and tapings is due to concern that she might not be able to re-enter the United States once she arrives in Canada.

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Taya was born in Canada, and despite being married to Johnny Impact, an American, with the current visa and international travel issues in the country, there has been difficulty processing Taya’s permanent residence status in The U.S. Because of this, there was fear that Taya might not be able to return the States following the Canada tapings, so the decision was made to pull her from the PPV as a precaution.

There is said to be no heat on Taya from Impact management, and the company does plan to use her again in 2018.

As of now, Impact Wrestling has yet to announce whether or not Rosemary will face a new opponent at Bound for Glory.

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