The Latest on Matt Hardy’s “Broken” Trademark, NFL Using Hall of Famer’s Name to Call Play Audibles

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The Very Latest on Matt Hardy’s “Broken” Trademark

As noted, WWE star Matt Hardy has been trying to trademark the “Broken Matt Hardy” name ever since he left Impact Wrestling. The trademark process has seen opposition from Impact owners Anthem Sports & Entertainment, and previous attempts at working out a deal so that Hardy could use the name and gimmick have failed.

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Despite the Anthem opposition, however, Hardy persists in attempting to secure the trademark rights to the name, and according to, the trademark will be published for opposition on December 19th. This means any parties who wish to object to the trademark being filed by Hardy will have thirty days to oppose the filing.

If after thirty days no one opposes Hardy’s trademark filing, he will be free to use the name in our outside of WWE.

NFL Using Hall of Famer’s Name to Call Play Audibles

According to, The Los Angeles Rams NFL team is currently using Ric Flair’s name to call audible plays during games.

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