The Matt Riviera Show, Episode Eight: Epic Rant on Lio Rush, WWE Talent Releases and More

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Episode eight of The Matt Riviera Show has been released on YouTube today, which includes Matt going on an epic rant about the Lio Rush controversy.

The former 3x NWA Tag Team Champion and reality TV star discusses a range of topics in this episode including:

Matt discussed the recent tweet from Lio Rush on the episode and went on a huge rant about the NXT star, which can be heard via the clip below.

WWE Talent ReleasesLio Rush controversyThe Hulk Hogan- Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake Twitter warRecent Hollywood Pedophile Scandals

Not just a “wrestling” podcast, this show not only covers the Pro Wrestling genre but features a diverse discussion of many topics & includes guests from a variety of backgrounds.

The full episode can be viewed here:

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