Bully Ray Comments On The Owens/Zayn Situation, YouTube Star Appears At WWE Lisbon

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Wrestling legend, Bully Ray has given his thoughts on the recent Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn incident, which saw the duo be sent home from WWE’s European Tour.

The recently retired wrestler was on the Busted Open Radio where he weighed in on the situation, h/t to NoDQ.com for the transcription.

Bully Ray on Going Into Business For Yourself

“When you go into business for yourself, it means you’re being self-serving and selfish. You’re doing something that you want to do for your benefit that might not be in the best interest of the story, the angle, or what the company wants to push forward. If they went so against the script or the story, back in the day it might have been tolerated, but today it will not be. Vince sent a very strong message to these young men. He sent a stronger message to his locker room. The message is ‘This is my business. I’m a billionaire. I created this place. Do what you’re told, or I don’t care who you are, I will send you home and I will sit you home so you can think about your screw-ups.”

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Popular YouTube star, SirKazzio appeared at WWE Lisbon during WWE’s European tour. Appearing alongside Becky Lynch, SirKazzio headed to the ring with the Irish LassKicker and WWE caught up with him after the show, as seen in the video below.

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