WWE Tribute to the Troops Results (12/14): Smackdown & Raw Unite, Shield in Action, Celebrities Appear & More

WWE Week on the USA Network comes to an end tonight with the special presentation of WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops special. This year’s show was taped at Naval Base San Diego featuring the stars of both Raw and Smackdown Live, which a special guest performance by MGK.

WWE Tribute to the Troops Results
December 14, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

– Legendary WWE announcer Lillian Garcia kicks off the show in the middle of the ring, accompanied by military officers all holding different flags. She leads everyone in the national anthem, followed by a massive “USA” chant and a video package recapping the history of Tribute to the Troops. The show is outdoors with a naval destroyer in the background, and the whole set actually looks really badass.

– Michael Cole welcomes us to the show alongside Byron Saxton and JBL, who is credited with coming up with the Tribute to the Troops concept.


Joe got a great reaction from the troops which carried on throughout the match. They chanted “don’t get sunburned” at Sheamus which got a lot of laughs, to which the Celtic Warrior played along and put on a tank top. Joe got the upper hand to start the match as the heels all beat down Dean Ambrose in their corner, but things quickly broke down into chaos with The Shield cleaning house heading to commercial.

After the break Roman Reigns makes a hot tag and starts going ballistic on all three opponents. He cleans the apron and delivers a dozen shots to Cesaro in the corner before throwing him halfway across the ring. Joe hits the ring looking for the rear naked choke but is quickly attacked by Rollins. Sheamus evens the odds and we’re back to an all-out brawl once again. Reigns hits a Superman Punch out of nowhere looking to end it, but Sheamus saves his partner at the last minute. Rollins hits a running strike to the Irishman followed by Dirty Deeds from Ambrose, and Reigns spears Cesaro nearly out of his boots to pick up the three-count.

Winners: The Shield

– All three members of The Shield get on the mic and thank the troops for their service. Roman Reigns said he’s known as the “Big Dog”, but its really the U.S. troops that bring the “big fight”, and Rollins calls them the most dominant force in the entire world.

– “Star Wars” actors Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Laura Dern, Oscar Isaac, and the legendary Mark Hamill all appear in a video thanking the troops for their service.


The Riott Squad immediately jumped Charlotte Flair to kick off the match, backing her into a corner and putting the boots to the women’s champion. Charlotte mounted a comeback and started throwing bodies left and right, delivering a series of chops to Ruby Riott to get right back into the match. Natalya was shown walking down the ramp to get an up-close look at the bout, and exchanged words with the champ as we go to commercial.

Back from break and the ring is now surrounded by Lana and Naomi in addition to Natalya, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. Carmella hits a good looking suplex from the second rope and the heels began to work together, double teaming Charlotte with big power moves. Things break down as Ruby looks to have the match won, but Carmella throws her from the ring trying to steal the victory for herself. Flair comes back and hits a big suplex on both opponents at the same time, then locks Carmella in the Figure Eight to get the submission.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

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