Dolph Ziggler Walks Out On WWE Smackdown Live, Abandons the U.S. Title? (Video)

As seen on WWE Smackdown tonight, WWE U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler came out to celebrate his Title win at WWE Clash of Champions, but the celebration did not go as one would expect.

Instead, Ziggler cut a promo listing all of his accomplishments in WWE, including his numerous Title wins, then abruptly walked out on Smackdown, leaving the U.S. Title in the middle of the ring behind him. has since published the following, questioning whether or not Ziggler relinquished the Title tonight:

Dolph Ziggler’s Championship Celebration ended in bizarre fashion

Fresh off his United States Championship victory over former titleholder Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode at WWE Clash of Champions, Dolph Ziggler threw a Championship Celebration on SmackDown LIVE that was a complete retrospective of his decorated history in WWE, which includes 10 championship wins.

After reminding the WWE Universe of what he’s done and who he is through the vintage clips, Ziggler claimed the WWE Universe didn’t deserve him, then took the United States Championship off his shoulder, placed it in the middle of the ring and left without saying anything in a very odd moment.

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