Triple H On What Made Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler a Great Announce Team

Triple H recently spoke with USA Today’s ‘For the Win’ section to promote the upcoming WWE Raw 25th anniversary special, airing live from New York City on January 22nd.

During the interview, The Game spoke at length about WWE Hall of Famers Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, who will be appearing at Raw 25, and what made them such a great announce team.

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“Some people just have chemistry with each other,” Triple H said. “Jerry’s knowledge and understanding of the business, but also, Jerry’s so quick-witted. Just can turn situations humorous, and the inflection he can put in his voice – he’s just great at what it is.

And yet sitting next to JR as the straight man, who, when it comes to passion and intensity of sort of being that background music of what we were doing at that time. There’s nobody, especially in that time frame, who had that passion, that energy that JR did.”

As noted, the WWE Raw 25th anniversary special will emanate from two locations – the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and the Manhattan Center, where the very first episode of Raw was held.

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USA Today's For the Win

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