From Lionheart to the Best in the World; We Ranked the Top 10 Best Matches of Chris Jericho

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#10 – Chris Jericho vs. Neville at WWE Beast in the East

I know this probably comes as a shock on a Top 10 list, especially with how many truly great matches Chris Jericho has had in his career, but I absolutely love this hidden gem. There was no build, it was basically non-canonical because it happened in a random overseas show and was never talked about again, but damn these two worked well together. An even bigger surprise, they had never been in the ring together before this match.

Here’s a few “honorable mentions” that nearly took the number ten slot:

vs. Rob Van Dam at WWF Unforgiven 2001vs. Edge at WWE WrestleMania 26vs. Evan Bourne at WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010vs. AJ Styles at WWE Fastlane 2016

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#9 – Chris Jericho vs. Triple H at WWF Fully Loaded 2000

It would be more fair to say that Jericho in 2000 was feuding with the majority of Degeneration X, and not just the Cerebral Assassin himself. In fact, most of the greatest segments in that rivalry were between Y2j, who was really just getting started on WWF television, and Stephanie McMahon. The two had incredible chemistry, and the McMahon-Helmsley made it possible for that to culminate in a series of actual in-ring matches.

Triple H and Jericho would go on to have some truly incredible matches over years and years together, but their brutal Last Man Standing brawl at Fully Loaded 2000 was, in this writer’s opinion, their best work. It’s also a super important match in the Y2J library because it was the first time he really got to burn the house down at a major show in front of a WWF audience. By the 2001 Rumble he would prove that again in a show-stealer with Chris Benoit, and go on almost immediately to become a main event player and a multiple time world champion.

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