Jennifer Hudson Reportedly Urging David Otunga to Get a ‘Steady Job’

As noted, all charges in the recent domestic incident case involving WWE announcer David Otunga and his ex-fiancee Jennifer Hudson have been dropped, which has resulted in Otunga’s return to WWE TV. Additionally, Otunga and Hudson are working towards a custody agreement for their son.

According to TMZ, the custody battle has reached a point where Hudson is urging Otunga to get a “steady job”, and is using the argument as a basis for custody of their child.

The report adds Otunga countered Hudson’s argument by expressing frustration that Hudson, while they were together, once gave him an ultimatum, making him choose between his family or his WWE in-ring career. Otunga reportedly submitted documents proving he still works for WWE, and is pursuing other entertainment projects. Otunga claims Hudson is making the entire custody process about money when all he wants to do is take care of their son.

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