Videos of Ricochet’s WWE NXT Debut, Ricochet and Buddy Murphy Comment, NXT Star Possibly Suffers Injury

As noted, Ricochet made his WWE NXT debut at last night’s live event in Mississauga, Ontario and defeated Buddy Murphy in a singles match. Below are some photos and videos from Ricochet’s debut:

First match and I blew out my voice totally worth it #NXTMississauga @KingRicochet

— Dang3rousMoose (@Dang3rousMoose) February 23, 2018

Still processing that I saw Ricochet’s first match as part of the WWE 🙊 . Wish i got that 630 on video, was so close.. but holy shit was it amazing. #NXTMississauga

— ●_● (@IraqiPolak) February 23, 2018

We went out there and shocked the NXT Universe with a match they definitely weren’t expecting and blew the roof off the place. Looking forward to sharing the ring with you in the future, buddy.

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— Chief. (@CameFromRoyalty) February 23, 2018

Things in #NXTMississauga just got interesting… @CameFromRoyalty/@CreatesHysteria comes out to challenge @WhomToBeASecret!

— WWE NXT (@IntrinsicNXT) February 23, 2018

Likewise you’ve always been one of the guys I’ve wanted to share the ring with. We finally got that chance in #NXTMississauga.

— Buddy Murphy (@WhomToBeASecret) February 23, 2018

Ricochet’s Entrance At #NXTMississauga: via @YouTube

— Amanda! (@WeAreAP450) February 23, 2018

NXT Star Possibly Suffers Injury

In related news, NXT star Bianca Belair appears to have suffered a possible injury at the Mississauga event, as she took a band landing after being hit with Ember Moon’s Eclipse. You can check out footage as well as a live fan note in the Tweets below:

Dr. StrangeEclipse… and how I learned to kick out of the most over finisher in #NXT. #Botchamania #NXTmississauga @Maffewgregg

— Tim Viper (@TimViper) February 23, 2018

Ya she took it badly (shouldn’t have added in that extra spin, you’re not HBK-level seller yet lol), but I think she was legit out of it like EVIL taking a V-Trigger & just kicked out of instinct. Ref f’d up too. Ember looked PISSED.

— Tim Viper (@TimViper) February 23, 2018

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