Charlotte Flair On Ronda Rousey Raising Everyone’s Game in WWE, Earning Her Spot in the Company, How She Will Do

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke with The Wrap and below are some interview highlights:

On Ronda Rousey signing with WWE:

“She made such a name for herself outside of WWE — as a star and an attraction — so she brings extra eyes and I think that’s amazing. Any extra attention for us is huge,” the WWE Superstar and daughter of the legendary Ric Flair told TheWrap.

“I think she just raises everyone’s game … but I’ve said before, the easiest thing she’ll do is sign a contract. We’re on the road 265 days a year so she’ll have to earn her spot and respect — right now, it’s my ring,” the current SmackDown Women’s champion proclaimed.

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On how Ronda Rousey will fare in her WWE career:

“But look what she’s done in UFC. She has the work ethic, the confidence and what it takes. It’s just a matter of learning our ways in WWE like in UFC. Coming from her background, she’s going to be just fine,” Flair added.

Below is a video from last night’s WWE MMC featuring Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair reacting to the WWE MMC Fan Vote:

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Thanks to the WWE Universe, “The Boss Club” return to WWE Mixed Match Challenge, facing Bobby Roode & SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair in next week’s Semifinals.

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