Big Update On If WWE and ROH Will Be Affected By Banned Moves During WrestleMania Week

Despite the Louisiana Boxing Commission, which also regulates pro wrestling, issuing an in-depth list of moves which will be banned during WrestleMania week, WWE will be exempt from most of the move bans since the company’s performers are considered “competent” enough to perform them.

However, Dave Meltzer did not on the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that there will be a few moves and practices which will be banned, but most of them are already things WWE has banned themselves.

“The only thing that’s gonna be enforced is no piledrivers and no blading, and [wrestlers]really shouldn’t brawl in the crowd”, noted Meltzer. “I don’t think they’re going to enforce no shooting star presses, and no powerbombs and things like that. As far as Canadian Destroyers, who the hell knows. And also, the commission has already said that WWE and Ring of Honor have no restrictions, they can do whatever they want,” Meltzer added.

Meltzer noted that the other “groups” performing during WrestleMania week, which would include any independent promotions, might be subject to restrictions since they might not be considered “major leagues” like WWE and ROH.

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Wrestling Observer Radio

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