Watch: Pete Dunne Uses A Shoe As A Weapon Again, Jinny On Intergender Wrestling

PROGRESS Wrestling has shared a video of Pete Dunne using a shoe as a weapon once again during today’s Super Strong Style 16.

Dunne had been filmed using a shoe before and it appears it is now going to be a gimmick of his, after being given one by a fan, Dunne used it as a weapon, which you can see below.

After receiving a shoe from a fan, the #Shoezerweight – @PeteDunneYxB – strikes again. #SSS16

— PROGRESS Wrestling (@ThisIs_Progress) May 6, 2018

PROGRESS has also revealed it has new merchandise available at the Super Strong Style shows, which will go online from Tuesday.

Available this weekend at #sss16 and from Tuesday on this 'ere Internet.

— PROGRESS Wrestling (@ThisIs_Progress) May 6, 2018

Jinny On Intergender Wrestling

Popular UK wrestler, Jinny gave her thoughts on Intergender wrestling when responding to a fan who was critical of it. Jinny stated it doesn’t promote violence on women but instead gives the message that women can go toe to toe with the men.

Yawnnnnnnn! Intergender wrestling happens, so if you don't like it then look away, simple.
And FYI it doesn't promote violence agaisnt women, but what it does show is that women can go toe to toe with men in the ring đź‘‘

— Jinny (@JinnyCouture) May 6, 2018

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