Backstage News On When Braun Strowman Might Possibly Cash-In Money in the Bank

As seen at WWE Money in the Bank on Sunday night, Braun Strowman won the Men’s Ladder match to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

With Strowman now holding a guaranteed title shot and Brock Lesnar’s next WWE Universal Title defense up in the air at this point, Dave Meltzer speculated on the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Strowman might have something to do with Lesnar’s next title defense.

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As of now, the most likely bout for SummerSlam would be Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the title, and Meltzer noted that a WWE source intimated to him a couple weeks ago that Strowman could potentially get involved in the match, with one possible scenario seeing Reigns defeat Lesnar for the title only to have Strowman cash-in the same night and defeat Reigns.

Meltzer noted that appears likely that Reigns will indeed be the one to defeat Lesnar, in what will probably be Lesnar’s WWE exit match, but that Strowman could ultimately end up with the title at the conclusion of SummerSlam.

With speculation abound regarding Brock Lesnar’s WWE status, his next Universal Title match, and his possible return to UFC after his WWE contract expires, early betting odds have already been released for a possible ‘dream fight’ pitting Lesnar vs Jon Jones, and you can check the odds out at this link.

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Wrestling Observer Radio

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