The Miz Shoots On What Triggered His ‘Talking Smack’ Tirade On Daniel Bryan and Why He Was Telling the Truth

While on tour with WWE in The UK, Smackdown Live star The Miz spoke with Gorilla Position on a number of topics, including his career in WWE – past, present and future – becoming a father, his new TV series, RAW VS SmackDown and more.

Below is what Miz had to say on the memorable ‘Talking Smack’ segment which reignited his feud with Daniel Bryan in WWE:

“They always bring back the incident of ‘Talking Smack’. And what did I do on there that was so terrible? Because, if you do remember, and nobody really does remember exactly what happens, everyone just talks about ‘Talking Smack’, ‘Talking Smack’, ‘Talking Smack’, but they don’t really look into it and see exactly what happened.

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“On there, I came in there, and Daniel Bryan came at me. He called me a coward. Which wasn’t the worst part about it. It was him saying that I have a soft style of wrestling. Which really kind of triggered everything. That’s when it really just clicked. And I kind of just went off on him. All the frustrations that I was going through in my life was just taken out on Daniel Bryan. And sometimes I just turn to black, and my mouth really will start going and I have no idea what I’m saying, and honestly, once I started going at it, I said the truth.

“I said everything people don’t say, but I said it, and I owned it and I said it to his face. Daniel Bryan’s all about fighting for his dreams, but on that day, he wasn’t fighting for his dreams. He walked away.”

You can hear more from The Miz in the video player, and if any of the above quotes are used for article purposes please credit for the transcription.

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