Natalya Reflects On Money In The Bank Match, Teases Future Stipulation, The Rock Comments On “Skyscraper” Success

During her latest column in the Calgary Sun, Natalya wrote a detailed article about the recent Women’s Money In The Bank match.

Natalya gave her thoughts on the match, how she felt before, and whether or not it topped the efforts of the year before, whilst teasing that it is now time to “get the tables?”

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On how she felt before:

“I have competed in three ladder matches throughout my career, which is something I do not take for granted. I remember the first time I was in a ladder match I was extremely nervous. As awkward as it is to manoeuvre a ladder around the squared circle, Arena is an incredible art to “excellently executing” a ladder match. Just ask Bret (The Hitman) Hart, who was a part of the very first ladder match in WWE history against Shawn Michaels.”

How the match went:

“I’m happy to report that our Money In The Bank Ladder Match exceeded everyone’s expectations, even topping the match from last year, which was pretty hard to do. This year’s match highlights included Naomi launching herself from the ropes to the ladder as she attempted to grab the briefcase, Ember Moon showcasing her agility by doing an impressive crossbody onto Sasha Banks who ended up landing on a ladder that was right behind her as the sold-out Allstate arena in Chicago gasped in unison. Sasha retaliated on myself and Charlotte when she got pushed off top of the ladder by Becky Lynch and landed on top of us. The WWE Universe started chanting “This is awesome!””

Everyone getting a chance to shine:

“We did it! Every single female Superstar in our match had a moment to shine, giving each a chance to break out and take their careers to another level. The women of WWE came together again in competition to make history. We proved that the women could be just as creative and athletic as the men, if not better. After all, there’s nothing we can’t do if we are given the opportunity.”

The Rock On Early “Skyscraper” Success

The Rock has commented on the early success of his “Skyscraper” movie, noting that it has got off to a good start on tracking, with a £30 million U.S number for the debut.

Off to a good start on tracking w/ a $30M U.S. number for our SKYSCRAPER debut.
Domestic box office is one piece of many pieces that come together for your overall global box office on…

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 1, 2018

Source :

Calgary Sun

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