NJPW World Adds New Collection of 19 Classic Matches Featuring Re-Dubbed English Commentary

New Japan Pro Wrestling has added a brand new section to their subscription service, NJPW World, featuring classic footage from across its history re-dubbed with modern English commentary!

So far a total of 19 videos have been released for the collection, each containing a historical and contextual audio track from Kevin Kelly and a guest. The selections available range from 1976 all the way through 1997 and feature names like Andre the Giant, Antonio Inoki and a young Hulk Hogan, as well as Ric Flair, Sting, Keiji Mutoh, Chris Jericho and the Road Warriors.

You can check out the entire gallery of matches at this link on NJPW World.

Here’s the full list:

— El Samurai vs. Chris Jericho (5/25/1997)

— El Samurai & Scotty Riggs vs. Marcus Bagwell & Hiro Saito (2/9/1997)

— Jushin Thunder Liger & El Samurai vs. Koji Kanemoto & Chris Jericho (1/29/1997)

— Keiji Mutoh vs. Ric Flair (8/13/1995)

— Antonio Inoki vs. Sting (1/4/1995)

— Hulk Hogan & Great Muta vs. The Hellraisers (9/23/1993)

— Power Warrior & Hawk Warrior vs. The Steiners (1/4/1993)

— Masahiro Chono vs. Rick Rude (8/12/1992)

— The Great Oz vs. Shinya Hashimoto (5/17/1992)

— Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Fit Finlay (2/5/1991)

— Keiji Mutoh & Masahiro Chono vs. The Road Warriors (7/22/1990)

— Black Tiger vs. Owen Hart (1/25/1990)

— Antonio Inoki vs. Big Van Vader (2/7/1988)

— Seiji Sakaguchi & Kengo Kimura vs. Dick Murdoch & Ed Leslie (3/16/1984)

— Cobra vs. Davey Boy Smith (5/3/1983)

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— Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant (5/27/1983)

— Andre the Giant vs. Stan Hansen (6/5/1980)

— Andre the Giant vs. Stan Hansen (5/18/1979)

— Antonio Inoki vs. Andre the Giant (10/7/1976)

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