Jeff Cobb Talks His Final Battle With Hangman Page

Jeff Cobb was recently on the WINCLY podcast, where he discussed his Television Championship match with Hangman Page at Ring of Honor Final Battle. The match was notable, as it was Hangman Page’s final match in Ring of Honor. Cobb was shocked by Page’s strength.

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“There was a point in that match where I figured I’d just jump on him crossbody from the second rope,” stated Cobb. “I wasn’t expecting him to roll through, pick me up and do a fallaway slam, so that really shocked me. I’m sure you heard the reaction that it got as most people weren’t expecting it as well.

“To his credit, Page is a big, strong boy.”

Cobb also said that it “kinda sucked” that guys like The Elite, and SoCal Uncensored had to leave Ring of Honor, but chalks it up to the fact that “people come and go.”

“Anytime you lose great talent, it’s always gonna suck, not just product-wise but backstage as well. The Bucks are cool, Cody’s cool, Page is cool. I don’t know if [SoCal Uncensored] is leaving but they were super cool, but it’s just life. Even if you have a regular day job, people come and go.

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