Fenix Talks Recent WWE Contract Negotiations, His Recent Injury & Being Part Of The Lucha Libre Resurgence

One half of the Lucha Bros, Fenix recently spoke with WrestlingInc.com about a range of topics including talking with WWE and his recent injury.

On being part of the lucha libre resurgence:

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“I feel grateful with the crowds in every state, every country all over the world because of how they’ve accepted the Lucha Bros style,” said Fenix before adding that the promotions he works for also deserve credit for presenting he and his brother as big deals.

“We love the business. We love the sport. It’s our life for us… Everything we do is with passion and love and we do it for the crowd”

His recent injury:

“I feel great,” stated Fenix. “Two weeks ago I had a little injury but that’s wrestling. Two months ago I had a muscle strain in my leg but now I feel great – Lucha Libre made me 100 percent [laughs].”

On talking with WWE:

“We are in every company now except for WWE… because their contracts are nuts, the time is coming up – I don’t know if it’s WWE. I don’t know.”


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Wrestling Inc

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