Ronda Rousey Calls WWE “Carny Con Artists” & Trashes Wrestling Fans In Latest Rant

RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey has been dominating the news cycle for the past week, after since posting a video to her ongoing vlog trashing her WrestleMania opponents Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, while bringing attention to pro wrestling’s scripted nature.

“Rowdy” Ronda continued her controversial diatribe this Monday night in Pittsburgh, as the UFC Hall of Famer stormed the ring just one night removed from WWE Fastlane and let loose an angry rant on the fans for the way they have been treating her in recent weeks and months.

“You think I give a damn about what any of you bandwagon bitches think? You think I was going to forget all of you chanting ‘YOU DESERVE IT!’ after I had been beaten with a stick? No wonder Becky is your hero. She’s a coward, just like all of you.”

The champ continued her explosive rant, claiming she was going to “desecrate” her opponents’ “place of worship” at WrestleMania, where she will expose Becky, Charlotte and the WWE for the so-called “carny con-artists they always have been”. Ronda ended the night stating that anyone who “believes in the charade” of pro wrestling is a joke, just like the two women she is set to face in four weeks time on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

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