LOOK: The Rock Salutes Stone Cold Steve Austin on 3:16 Day

The Rock has posted an Instagram salute to his biggest rival of all time, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The post came on March 16, a date that holds a special significance in the hearts of pro wrestling fans all over the world.

Austin 3:16 is perhaps the single-most memorable catchphrase in wrestling history and to honor it is to honor the man that used it to get over like no one ever had before. Indeed the constant debate about who was the bigger draw–Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin–continues to this day. That’s how much Austin meant to the pro wrestling business.

The Rock’s post includes a video of him taking a Stone Cold Stunner, along with a. reminder that the two men set attendance records in arenas all across the country.

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The fact is that with the exception of Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair, there may have never been a better rivalry in the industry than Austin and The Rock. They were similar in their intensity and competitiveness but they were extremely different in their styles, which made them household names.

They were natural rivals and had an amazing chemistry that kept the fans coming back for more. Stone Cold’s last match came against The People’s Champ at WrestleMania 19 in a moment that perfectly ended their rivalry and Austin’s career.

To this day, their work during The Attitude Era is fondly remembered as some of the greatest moments in WWE history.

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As the top bad guy in the @WWE wrestling business, I had two jobs/ 1) was to make sure the top good guy – Stone Cold @steveaustinbsr always looked like a KING. And 2) to ALWAYS make the audience go f*cking bananas and send them home happy & buzzing. Even if it meant getting hit with the iconic “Stone Cold Stunner” while getting my bell rung and still trying to drink my beer 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Me and this bald headed SOB help set attendance records in every arena across the country. A unique time when pro wrestling was on straight fire 🔥 In honor of 3:16 DAY, I salute you my friend. Thanks for the incredible and fun memories and for taking this punk kid under your wing. All love & respect. #316DAY #SnakesAndBulls🍻

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