Kofi Kingston on his ‘Stomping Grounds’ Rematch vs. Dolph Ziggler: “I’m Always Ready for Dolph”

WWE champion Kofi Kingston is still wearing the gold following his victory over Dolph Ziggler. That victory came at Super ShowDown on June 7, where the two men clashed in the ring with the company’s top prize on the line.

But these two men are not finished just yet. That’s because Ziggler immediately challenged Kofi once again after the match ended. That challenge was accepted and the rematch will happen inside a steel cage at June 23’s Stomping Grounds.

Kingston was interviewed by WWE backstage following Super ShowDown, where he was reminded that he’s not competed in that many cage matches during his career. But the champ doesn’t seem to be worried about how he will fare when the cage door closes on June 23.

“We can be inside a steel cage, it’s not going to matter. Look man, I’m always ready for Dolph and at Stomping Grounds, it’s on.

I’m always about new challenges. Like I keep on saying: I’m trying to be the best WWE champion that I can possibly be. So anything that’s out of the ordinary that’s going to challenge me to be the best? I’m all for it.”

Ziggler’s recent return to the company surprised many fans that did not expect to see him back. Ziggler has not been in action since January’s Royal Rumble, because he took time off from the company. WWE has given Dolph time away to pursue other interests, most notably his recent standup comedy tour.

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