AEW Company Email Crashes Due To #SearchForSpears Popularity

Cody Rhodes have provided an update on the #SearchForSpears storyline that is going on currently, admitting that it has crashed the AEW company email.

Spears and Tully Blanchard stated the #SearchForSpears movement this week on AEW Dynamite, encouraging wrestlers to send in submissions to the company to become Shawn Spears’ tag team partner.

Lots of wrestlers have been sending in submissions on social media, and Cody has stated that it crashed AEW’s company email due to the high demand.

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There have been some popular submissions so far with fans, and Spears listed three in particular on his Twitter account asking people to vote on the best submission so far.

Submissions have poured in…

Tully is reviewing applicants very closely. The pursuit for the Perfect Partner continues…

Throw your name in the hat. #SearchForSpears @AEWrestling

Who’s been the best submission so far?

⬇️@Egos1313 @SimonMiller316 @Bowens_Official

— #SEARCHFORSPEARS (@Perfec10n) March 6, 2020

Cody stated in a since-deleted tweet:

The company inbox legitimately crashed with these damn submissions. Not sure who Tully will pick, but he’s still looking at submissions. Write somebody in…

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