Newfoundland Man Found Not Guilty In Trial Over Child-Sized Sex Doll

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A Newfoundland man has been found not guilty of possessing child pornography after a judge determined

Cabinet Minister Andrea Leadsom Quits As Theresa May Survives Tory Coup

Theresa May has defied a growing coup to oust her from Downing Street amid Tory fury over Brexit referendum that

Canada Should Halt Efforts To Make Homebuying Easier, IMF Says

Canada should hold off on changes to make homebuying more affordable but should speed up efforts to reduce trade barriers

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Makes Campaign Pledge To Fight Human Trafficking

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising funding for police, survivor services and public awareness to fight human trafficking

Feds Offer Vancouver And Halifax Shipyards $15.7 Billion Along With Davie, Their Quebec Competitor

OTTAWA —The federal Liberals have ripped open Canada’s multibillion-dollar plan to build new ships for the navy and coast guard,

Trudeau Exonerates Chief Poundmaker More Than 130 Years After Treason Conviction

CUT KNIFE, Sask. —Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has exonerated a Saskatchewan chief of treason more than 130 years after his

Ontario PCs Reverse Liberal Promise To Make Indigenous Courses Mandatory

TORONTO — Indigenous courses will not be a mandatory part of the high school curriculum in Ontario — a decision that

Canada’s Wireless Market Needs More Competition To Lower Costs: Advocates

Canadians pay some of the highest wireless rates in the world, and advocates say the key to bringing down prices

Scheer Pledges Mandatory Minimum Sentence Of 5 Years For Child Abuse

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pledged Thursday to get tough on crime with mandatory minimum sentences of five years

Mike Pence Has Been ‘Valuable Partner For Canada' On Free Trade: Chrystia Freeland

OTTAWA — U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence has been a valuable partner to Canada because he supports free trade, Foreign Affairs